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About Us

About Us

www.Indifoods.in, is the culmination of one woman's passion to revive the art of making traditional foods & making them available to all. Back in the days, the ‘home-made’ method was the only way to cook nutritious/healthy food. Due to lack of time & help, most of the recipes now are short cuts to the original.

Indifoods aims to take you back in time; to the ‘proper’ way of cooking food-whether its our home-made masalas, pickles , papads or the traditional baby-care products, each is made the way Grandma loves best , but with none of the constraints of time & space!

When you order a product from us, be assured that it will be personally made/sourced at home, with the utmost care & quality consciousness. It will be delivered to you when it is fresh, aromatic & at its best!

All the instructions for its use & its benefits will be provided in a literature or an e-mail. There are several different ways the same product can be used to make a variety of dishes. All the suggestions will be provided! Along with the product order, you can also ask for a free sample of any other product to try.

We are sure, these products will give you a feeling of home away from home & make you feel that much closer to your roots!

Geetha Rao, is a cheerful 59 year old ex-Army wife from Bangalore, and has been living in Mysore for the last 6 years. She is the Mother of 2 grown up children, a son and a daughter, and has 3 grand children. Over the many years, she has lived and travelled extensively throughout the country, including exotic places like Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir and Sikkim. She is passionate about cooking. Her other interests include teaching kids, knitting and embroidery. In Mysore, she has been involved in various social and religious causes and volunteers regularly during festivities in the community.